Friday, 13 September 2013

You've done your bit - it's over to me

A few weeks ago, I was on my train home from work.  I was due to go for a run, but didn't really fancy it. 

It was wet, I had a niggling leg injury, there was very little money in my fundraising pot and I quite liked the idea of spending some time with my kids.  Maybe I wouldn't bother going running that night.

Then my train stopped on the line and the conductor said we could be a while, so I got my phone out. Now, I'm not a techy and, whilst an iPhone owner, have no idea why. 

Totally by accident, I brought up a list of old voicemails.  I couldn't do this on any of any previous phones (I think), and didn't realise I could do it on my current one. So I scrolled down.  And I found two old voicemails from Mags. 

When we got to Guiseley, I sat down on the platform and listened to them.  They weren't important messages, but that didn't matter. It was Mags on the phone. And it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.  After a little moment to myself, I shot off home and went for my run.

Since then (at the time of writing), you very nice people have raised £1,075 for a wonderful children's cancer charity.  And, with her family's strong support, it's all been done in Mags' name.

I'm immensely proud of that, and I'll take equal pride in wearing it on my back on Sunday.  

PS My running vest is being modelled by Mags' goddaughter Charlotte
PPS Donations continue to be welcome, if you'd like to click HERE and follow the instructions.