Sunday, 22 September 2013

DIY Wilko style

Given that we no longer have a social life, a normal Saturday night in our house is for me to burn something from scratch in the kitchen and for Vanessa to pretend it's not as bad as it looks/tastes.

But last night I couldn't be arsed, and plumped for frozen pizzas. 

That didn't work out either.

But I digress. 

It's a week today since the Great North Run and my body is yet to recover.  Friends, family and strangers were wonderful and, if everyone pays up, we'll have raised a total of £1,230 for Candlelighters.  All good, with one exception - Wilkinson.

People in Britain will recognise Wilkinson as one of the country's largest retailers which makes tens of millions of pounds in profits each year.  Good for them.

In the final days leading up to race day, I tweeted that I couldn't find my trusty tub of Vaseline (stop it) and was planning to put Bonjela on my feet to guard against chafing. Candlelighters tweeted back to say that Wilkinson was the place to buy my supply.

I tweeted Wilkinson to ask if I did buy some from them, would they sponsor me?  They tweeted back to say that this seemed "reasonable" and management would be consulted.  But no cash was swiftly forthcoming and time was running out.

So, finding myself passing Wilkinson in Leeds, I popped in, bought some Vaseline and took this photo.

I then tweeted the pic accompanied by these words:

"I buy my Vaseline @LoveWilko - for all your last minute #GreatNorthRun needs."

Wilkinson responded with: "Good luck with the run :)"

No money was donated.  I didn't ask again.

Just thought you'd like to know.