Sunday, 19 October 2014

A Festival of Fun

Well that it was fun.

The last time I attended a mini-rugby festival was in 1982, proudly wearing the colours of Macosquin Primary School.

We hadn't done a lot of training and we didn't do very well.  But I met some boys that day who, whilst opponents back then, became team mates when we all moved to "big school" the following year and, more than three decades later, we remain close friends.

That is why I want Jamie to play rugby, you see.

He doesn't have to be good.  He just has to try his best, play the game in the correct spirit and savour the camaraderie which remains the core principle of the sport.

That said, his first score of the morning - against Keighley - did make me jump a little higher in the air than is really sensible at my age.

Aireborough Lions were the only club to enter two teams in the Under 7s section.  And each four-man team was chosen from two separate squads of eight players - meaning lots of substitutions so everyone got their chance.  

The highlight of the event for our contingent was therefore when "Aireborough X" and "Aireborough Y" met in the last game.

Jamie's team - the "Ys" - wore bibs to avoid confusion.

And they won 9-7, with Jamie bagging two.

Yes, whilst winning is not the most important thing - it's certainly very welcome.

LATE PIC: (Courtesy of Louise Rix)