Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Eager Beaver

Jamie followed in the footsteps of his Great Granddad Jack this evening when he was formally invested into the World Scout Movement at the rank of Beaver.

Jack - my grandfather - was a long-serving Scout Leader back in Coleraine and would have been very proud.  (I only made it into the Church Lads Brigade back in the 1970s which, somewhat surprisingly given its name and the era, wasn't a paramilitary organisation).

A real bonus of Jamie's investiture ceremony, which he went through jointly with his cousin Oliver, was the physical similarly between Scout Leader Steve and HRH The Duke of Kent.

Yes, with that and the central role played by the Union flag, it felt like a right Royal occasion.

And afterwards big cousin Jack - who has already reached the lofty heights of Chief Scout - posed for a pic too.

A big night then.  Let's hope Jamie now keeps his solemn promise to Do His Best (or I'll be telling The Duke).