Thursday, 16 October 2014

Taking care and business

It's been quite a day.

Indeed, so much so that, when presented with an emergency cord, I felt inclined to pull it - but held myself back.

Nice gown, though, I'm sure you'll agree.  (I was having a chest X-ray and, surprisingly, they managed to find one).  

But I digress.  

Yes, today the VANBAR associates website finally saw the light of day (as did I, having left the pub just a few minutes ago).

Thank you to all of you nice people who have already had a look and responded kindly on Facebook.  Much appreciated.  If you haven't yet seen it and can be arsed at this time of night, is the address you're after or click on THIS LINK.

Also, thanks to those equally kindly folk who have followed us on Twitter via @tweetvanbar  We'll obviously follow you back.

And finally, back to the pub (I wish).  

I was there to meet my pal Dylan who, as I mentioned last week, designed our logo.  It was only fair to buy him a pint.  

And not only that.  Hell no.

I was also able to formally present him with the first ever, delivered-only-this-morning VANBAR associates business card. 

And here it/he is.

VANBAR associates wallpaper is already on its way.  Quite possibly.