Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Arthur's fouler

Good evening campers, I hope I find you well.  And, not for the first time, let me apologise for my brief period of absence from, er, here.

In truth, I've hardly left my seat.  Literally.

I used to quite like working from home, if only because I tend to get a lot done.  But then it's quite nice to go somewhere else afterwards.

However, over the past seven days, I've been stuck to my laptop in my quest to build the VANBAR associates website.  And when I say "stuck," I kind of mean it.  Washing has not been a huge priority as I've sought to hit my self-imposed deadline of having the website as-near-as-dammit ready for public view by first thing tomorrow morning.

And I can't say I wasn't warned about the dangers of getting grimy.

A couple of weeks ago I had a pint with my mate Gareth, who has also just made the momentous decision to go self-employed.   In a previous life Gareth used to work at home a lot too.  And his experiences led him to offer me a kindly caution.

"Have a shower and get shaved before you sit down to do any work," he said.  "Otherwise you'll end up like Arthur Fowler."  EastEnders fans - I was one of their number back in Arthur's day - will know exactly what Gareth meant.

Sadly, over the past week, I occasionally neglected to heed his sage guidance and ended up both whiffy and feeling on the precipice of madness.

But I'm still just about there now and in a few hours' time the long trek towards global corporate domination gets under way for real as our website, blog, Twitter account and Facebook page all go live.

Needless to say I'll be putting full details up here and will be very keen to know what you think.   I promise I'll be nice and clean by then.