Wednesday, 22 October 2014

It's OK to jump and pump

On Sunday I told you about the Baildon Mini-Rugby Festival including Jamie's first competitive try, which I was pleased to celebrate in some style.

Well, Aireborough Lions have since received an email from a very nice gentleman from New Zealand called Hamish Pratt.  It reads as follows:

"I am the Rugby Development Officer for West Yorkshire and am writing more as a parent/supporter of rugby.

On Sunday my son Jacob (Keighley Under 7’s) played at Baildon Festival and I watched him play your team (names on jerseys, great idea!) in a 4 a side match.

The rugby was great, but what was even better was your coaches & parents support. I have never seen a coach celebrate a try from one of your players in all my years, the crowd was going crazy and the 'fist pump' from the coach on the goal line was one of the best things I have seen in many years, as he celebrated I believe, a player that seemed new to our game.

Please take back to your Under 7’s what a great model of support you have in place and a real 'team effort' on show.

Great stuff.


I was that fist-pumping coach tasked with standing on the Aireborough goal line so our boys knew which direction to run in.

And my back is still killing me.