Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Mancunian Way

I really like Manchester, just one of many reasons why I look forward to the White family's annual trip over the Pennines to stay with the Cottons.

I met Jane and Vanessa on the self-same night in 1997.  In a bar, as it happens.  Both remain fond of a snifter.

And yes, last Saturday proved to be another fine evening.

Eventually morning came.  And another treat lay in store, this time for Jamie.

At the kind invitation of Cotton kids Charlie and Mimi, Jamie went to Heaton Moor Rugby Club for a training session with the local Under 7s.

He loved every moment.

But my personal highlight was the fashionably late arrival of Coach Nigel, (in blue carrying black coffee).  He'd been out the night before.

Yes folks, this is what all rugby coaches in Manchester look like.


I really do like Manchester.