Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Poundland London

Good evening from that London where I'm down doing stuff.

They say our nation's capital is a place of great diversity, which it most certainly is.  And this includes on pricing.

Despite suggestions to the contrary, it is possible to get a bargain here - although not always straight away.

To illustrate, earlier I arranged to meet a friend but was early.  So I bought a pint of weak lager to pass the time.


Not a great start then.

Later, I passed through Victoria Station and felt the need to bequeath my pint back to London.  So I nipped into the pay-as-you-wee facility.


Probably par for the course these days, although I stand to be corrected.

But I ended on a high.  On the way back to my crap hotel, I fancied a bit of choccy to compliment my tea bag and bath water.

So I visited Sainsbury's Local. 

136g of Terry's Chocolate Orange Minis?


And you really can't be bad to that.

If only they came by the pint.