Sunday, 5 December 2010

Accidents will happen (to me)

Yesterday, I told and even showed you the fun Jamie and I were having on his sledge. 

Well, today, I've only gone and arsed it - literally.  Yes, I put my arse right through his sledge.  Above you can see what was left behind by my behind.  

We must have hit a stone or something as we careered down a hill near Kirkstall Abbey.  To be fair, he did react to the turn of events a little better than I might have imagined, whilst making it crystal clear that I would be expected to get him a new one.  

And obviously I will, particularly given the number of his sweets I've stolen in recent days.  But therein probably lies the reason for what happened in the first place.  So it's back to the gym for me.  Sometime.  Soon.  Ish.  

Meanwhile, tonight marks my last planned hurrah prior to the arrival of White Junior Mark Two, who is due to wipe his or her feet on Vanessa's mat exactly two weeks from now.  

My very own Cockney rebel chum Ben (that's him on the right) and I are off to see Madness at the O2 Academy in Leeds, and it's guaranteed to be a gig that both of us will remember for one very good reason; I can't drink because of my anti-biotics and Ben's decided to drive.

Over to you Suggs et al.



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