Monday, 20 December 2010

First important hurdle cleared

Parents of multiple children will be well aware that getting the first born "on-side" with number two is quite an important part of the game, once the new arrival has crashed through mummy's front door.

So it was with a mild degree of nervousness that, yesterday afternoon, I took Jamie to the hospital to meet his new sister for the very first time.

Vanessa and I had already decided that Charlotte would probably be best be in the cot when he rumbled up, rather than in her arms.

And his initial response, when he saw her, was relatively non-committal.

He was then persuaded to have a much closer look.

This encounter served to move his reaction on from "non-committal" to what can best be described as "quiet bemusement."

But, with mummy and sister home  - they were unexpectedly released at teatime yesterday - and having had a night to sleep on the new world, well, this morning his attitude had changed very much for the better.  

Followed by better still. 

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