Saturday, 11 December 2010

Let's play (what) Simon says

Until about 20 minutes ago, I believed that American Pie by Don McLean was the number one record in this country on the day I was born.  

But I was mistaken. 

For I've just done some research and discovered that the actual chart topper on Friday 31 March 1972 was Without You by some hairy bloke by the name of Nilsson.

How disappointing. 

I tell you this because the next two nights will almost certainly determine what "hot tune" is number one when White Junior #2 emerges from the Mummy Cave.

Yes, it's X Factor finals weekend and whoever wins show two tomorrow (why do they have to drag it out for so long?  Oh yes, to make more cash) will almost certainly be catapulted to the top of what we used to call the "hit parade" (showing my age, I know) next Sunday - the day said sprogette is due to take a bow.  

I might be wrong, but I have a feeling that the act that sings the song in question is likely to be as familiar to Jamie in 38 years' time as Nilsson is to me.     

Thanks for that, Mr Cowell.

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