Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Where's Mystic Meg when you need her?

Just five days to go now before the scheduled arrival of Number Two, and I'm the midst of huge dilemma.  In fact, they don't come much bigger.

Should I renew my weekly rail ticket tomorrow or should I just buy a daily return?

I told you it was tricky.

There are lots of reasons to simply bite the bullet, pay the £24.20 and be done with it.

First and foremost, Vanessa is showing no real sign of dispensing with her load at the present time and, as I say, there are still five days to go.

But, there again, there are only three working days left this week and, if the baby does come on time, I'll have paid for a whole two working days I'll never need.

But there again, if no-one appears by Sunday, I'm due to attend a lunch in Keighley then anyway for which I can use my weekly ticket.

But there again, the forecast is for snow from tomorrow night, meaning it's possible that I might not even be able to use the ticket on Thursday, Friday or Sunday - never mind next Monday or Tuesday, when conditions are predicted to be even worse.

But there again, when is the weather forecast ever right?

Oh, it's all very difficult.

After loitering outside the New Pudsey ticket office in a state of mild hysteria, I've eventually went for the pragmatic option i.e. to decide first thing in the morning.

And, who knows, The Bump might well go bump in the night - meaning I'll not need to buy a new train ticket at all.     

But there again, it probably won't.

UPDATE - WED 1012: I went for the weekly so the baby is bound to be with us by teatime today.

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