Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Day 2 - still 10 to go

The most surreal Christmas in my lifetime speeds on and, I have to say, I'm savouring every moment.

After all the presents had been opened yesterday, I set about whipping up a turkey-based storm in the kitchen.  And 24 hours on, no-one appears to have fallen ill yet. 

That said, only three of us actually partook - Charlotte, dressed in her special Christmas outfit, having already decided to watch her weight (at the same time as watching us; clearly a young lady with talent).

It was then off to Vanessa's brother Jonathan and sister-in-law Helen's for some late afternoon Christmas cheer. 

As has become her wont, Charlotte was again centre of attention for the girlies. 

Although Jamie had plenty of other distractions to keep him occupied and amused. 

For me, the undoubted highlight was everyone's favourite village idiot, Dagenham Dave, trying to "do" Little Fockers during the inevitable game of charades (all the more pleasing because it was me who put the film title into the hat). 

Old Daggers did a good job of getting the "Little" (I think by pointing at the loose material on the front of his trousers). But his attempted tactic in getting "Fockers" was novel to say the least, and essentially involved him sitting on the floor, shaking his head and repeating over and over: "it's not really a word, you see."  

Silly focker.

Anyway, until tomorrow, please accept a "big up" from MC Charlie.

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