Friday, 3 December 2010

I too have a kidney bean head

My gnasher-themed week continued today with another visit to Miss Dentist.

Sadly, the anti-biotics she gave me on Monday to counter my abscess have proven to be about as useful as a packet of Smarties. 

And the consequences have been a heap of pain and a load more swelling - leaving me with a face shaped very similar to that of my old friend and I'm A Celebrity reject Lembit Opik. 

This morning she prescribed me with a box of tablets the size of Frisbees which she "thinks" might work better. What a pro.

Tragically - and I would be grateful for your deepest sympathy on this one, but appreciate that laughter is more likely -  I can't now drink for a week (I knew it!) and she's intending to pull the tooth on Monday in any case, rather than Thursday (the excitement was getting too much for me).   

I'll bet I get a cold next.  Or one of my ears might fall off. 

Anyway, as long as you're alright.  

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