Monday, 6 December 2010

Bye, bye Kevin

I lost weight today, although I'm not certain how much. 

How much does a huge molar weigh?

Yes, he's gone; that nasty, horrible, diseased, painful, b****** of a tooth which made the last 10 days of my life somewhat inconvenient.

And he's not given up the fight just yet (it was definitely a male tooth, by the way, probably called Kevin) as my jaw still aches like blazes.  But I suppose that's kind of inevitable when you've got a huge, gaping hole in it.

Plus, Miss Dentist gave me strict instructions not to have hot food or drink for 24 hours, consume alcohol for 48 hours or take up smoking until Thursday at the earliest.

So, thanks for all of that Kev.

On the plus side, Miss Dentist kindly offered me an unexpected three month break from further prodding, before a load more work gets underway next year.

Needless to say, I swiftly agreed - just as her male assistant was wiping the last drops of blood off my chin.

On other matters, Ben and I had a great night at Madness.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Ben actually went to the same school as the band (albeit around 20 years after their departure). 

But is this more impressive than going to the same school as Jimmy Nesbitt at the same time as Jimmy Nesbitt for a whole year?

It is?

OK, fair enough.

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