Saturday, 2 March 2013

Back to the bar

OK, so I return you to the scene inside The Ings pub in Guiseley on Thursday evening where I attended my first ever Guiseley Lions RUFC junior committee meeting (junior in the sense that we were there to discuss the junior teams, rather than being a gathering for slow learners).

And it was quite a night.  Indeed, for what may have been the first time in the club's history, Guiseley Lions cleaned up. 

First we won the pub quiz (exciting only Anthony on the action shot evidence below).   

And then yours truly won what turned out to be a rather lucrative Play Your Cards Right jackpot.

All prize monies at our table were donated back to club funds, so not a bad excuse for yet another pint at last orders.

But I must end with an apology.  Yesterday on these pages, I compared stripey-shirted Anthony to weirdo Froggy mimer Marcel Marceau.  And that was ill-judged, silly and plain wrong of me to do so.

I actually meant to compare him to Monsieur Marceau's dressmaking countryman Jean Paul Gaultier.

  Sorry Anthony.