Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Life's a bitch for Boris the Dog

Meet Boris the Dog. He's a dog. (The clues are there).

But Boris is not just any dog. Hell no. He's my mum's dog. This has traditionally presented poor Boris with a number of special challenges. But never more so than in recent times when our joint mum bought him a new collar.

There was a reason for her purchase. She had been away for a few days, Boris had barked a lot in her absence and a nasty neighbour took offence. Something had to be done.

So my, sorry, our mum bought Boris/my half-brother a new collar; a new collar that gives him an electric shock every time he barks.

Boris doesn't bark a lot any more.

Poor Boris the Dog.

UPDATE 2237: Vanessa has just reminded me of Jamie's revamped Boris impression, developed during our recent trip back across the Irish Sea.

It goes like this: "Woof.....OW!!.....Woof.....OW!!"

Poor Boris the Dog.