Saturday, 23 March 2013

Eyebrow-raising stuff

This was the result of my part heroic, part half-arsed morning effort to clear our drive in preparation for Vanessa bringing it back from where we left it last night.

Only for her then to park it around the corner at her brother Jonathan's.  Obviously I was delighted when she appeared sans car. Marriage was never meant to be easy.

As for last night, it was a predictably fun evening with a less predictable twist in the tail.

Yes, it's him again, Coach/DJ Anthony, who together with his incredibly patient wife Helen and future gymnast gold medal-winning son Conor, hosted us and the Brooks at their house.

Don't forget, you saw Conor here first.

However, as the limbo dancing continued and the beer flowed on and on, Anthony let his guard slip.

In a first for a self-styled "Bradford man" (he was born in Leeds and lives in Leeds), Anthony revealed that he "does" his eyebrows.  In fact, here he is generously allowing future beauty queen Lydia Brook to admire them up close.   

As we all will do from this point on.