Saturday, 16 March 2013

Soon it was time for the final curtain

In what is becoming a season of firsts at Aireborough Lions RFC, a few hours ago the clubhouse played host to the inaugural Under 6s Friday Night Disco, including the debut public performance (to my knowledge) of DJ Anthony.

Look at him.  He's having the time of his life.

Once again, Jamie and Charlotte, whilst looking like their mother, proved that they share my genes - by refusing to dance for most of the evening.

But thankfully not all.

It was around 10.30pm before we got home - three hours later than their normal bedtime.  But it was well worth the limited effort required by all attendees who to a man, woman, boy and girl had a great night. 

Much more effort was required and delivered by DJ Anthony (due to morph back into Coach Anthony for training on Sunday morning) who single-handedly organised the whole shebang.     

Compliment out of the way, let's now insult our glorious leader.

Anthony took a bit of stick from me on these pages recently when he came over all stripey at a junior club committee meeting.

So there was a sense of deep anticipation as the night went on to find out what was lurking under his zipped-up leather DJ jacket.

And when that moment arrived, rugby dad/trainee coach Kris - dressed in his very own Action Man costume - came out with the line of the evening.  

And I quote: "It's not just that his shirt looks like it's made out of curtains, it looks like it's made out of shit curtains."    

And the same to you, sir.