Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ozzy the Night Owl

Jamie was named Star of the Week in school again last week, a proud moment for us all.

As part of his prize, he got to take Ozzy the Owl home to entertain for the weekend. 

Treats for Ozzy included a healthy breakfast on Saturday morning, and the opportunity to watch Jamie and his pals run around healthily at rugby training on Sunday.

Otherwise, Ozzy's couple of days weren't in the least bit healthy.

Firstly, at his insistence, we took him to Morrisons to get the beers in.

Before drinking a few of them whilst supporting Ireland in the Six Nations.

After Jamie went to bed, we invited our furry friend to join the adults for dinner and some wine.

Before he invited his own furry friend along for some furry fun.

Sadly, the night didn't end well for Ozzy.

Still, let's hope next weekend is equally action-packed for him, wherever that might be.