Sunday, 24 March 2013

Battle of words

With each and every passing day, Jamie is meeting his match.  And she answers to the name of Charlotte.  At times she has him exhausted.

To illustrate, yesterday Jamie was on a one-infant mission to teach his sister how to say the word "baby" properly i.e. without a thick Leeds accent. 

Proper English = "bay-bee."

Leeds way = "bay-bay."

Every time she said the word to her Norwich-born mother (a little known fact), she said "bay-bee."  But every time she said it to her big bro, it was a very insistent yet smirky "bay-bay."  Credit to the boy for trying but, in the end, he sacked his crusade in favour of a lie down. 

That said, don't think that my son is adverse to using others' pronunciation of the Queen's first language as a mocking tool himself.  Like me, for example.

Shortly after his little sleep, I told him I was going to make (i.e. warm) some soup.

"Daddy, it's soup - not sup," he sneered.  "You say sup because you're from Northern Ireland.  But it's soup.  Not sup, which is just silly." And then he flounced off.

Actually, upon reflection, good work Charlotte!