Monday, 4 March 2013

It just shot out

Prior to Jamie starting school and learning to read, I had no idea what phonics was.  And six months later, I remain little the wiser (principally because Vanessa tends to lead on homework duties).

My very basic understanding is that the kiddywink, if stuck on a word, is encouraged to "spell" out each letter by using the sound each letter makes, before putting all the sounds together.  (Sorry if that doesn't make sense).

I tell you this because of a priceless little incident involving Jamie's super-cutie pal Euan, pictured above with his equally cute big sis Lydia.  (Thanks to mum Kate for giving me permission to share this with you).

The word in question was park.  And it seems Euan wasn't getting it in one go.

So it was time for phonics, and it's over to Euan:


We like Euan.