Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sniff patrol

Jamie has developed a bit of a habit of following Charlotte around the house to "check her bum" (if you know what I'm saying).  I suppose it's his way of feeling superior. 

What neither Vanessa nor I realised until tonight was that he's taken his one-man "sniff patrol" on tour.

We know this because we're not long back from his latest parents' evening.  That's Mrs Buckton (left) and Mrs Spencer above, his teacher and teaching assistant respectively. We like them.

At the end of our conversation about Jamie's academic progress - which seems to be on-track - we asked about his general behaviour.  Thankfully, there were no complaints about this either. 

But then his new little pastime was mentioned, amidst sniggers from all.

Essentially, it appears that any classroom back door activity - from simple trouser puffs to occasionally much, much worse - are duly noted and commented upon by Master White. 
Next week he's due to join his classmates on a visit to farm full of animals.  It could be a busy day for the boy.