Saturday, 30 March 2013


Days off work have changed since the arrival of the kids, and tend not to be relaxing.  But they can still be great fun.

Yesterday was one such occasion when my pal John drove his boy Harvey, my boy Jamie and my terrified self to Sheffield to see the elaborately but appropriately entitled Walking With Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular.

And I must say, I was mightily impressed.

In the midst of lots of other big rows, we had an Allosaurus (bottom left) having a big row with a Brachiosaurus.

A couple of Torosauruses had their own big row (can you tell I bought a programme?)  

And then everyone's favourite land carnivore, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, arrived to have a big row with one of them.

Thankfully he didn't eat the bloke playing the part of the paleontologist, who I suspect he probably goes drinking with on his night off.

Anyway, a fine trip out and yes, I did have nightmares.