Friday, 22 March 2013

Farmer Jamie

As predicted, the snow has arrived in Yorkshire - forcing me to taxi Charlotte to nursery on a backpack.  Sure, a change is as good as a rest.

Following that, it was off to see Jamie perform with his classmates at school assembly. 

I wasn't allowed to photograph/video the performance itself.  I guess some kids these days must charge David Beckham-esque amounts for their image rights, although I may be wrong.

I was therefore forced to improvise and capture Jamie on his own afterwards. 

First, here he is displaying his gingerbread man.

Stunningly lifelike, I think you'll agree, in a gingerbread man type way. 

And then he reprised his solo line in the earlier countryside-themed command performance.

For those who aren't yet fully fluent in Jamie-ish, he said: "There are three types of farm; arable, livestock and dairy." So that must be true.
John Craven, eat your heart out.