Thursday, 14 March 2013

Black magic

I'm a sucker for a "free" Guinness glass offer (with every full price 10-pack of Guinness at Morrisons - while stocks last).

Even more so when it comes in a box with the Six Nations Rugby fixtures and kick-off times printed across two sides.

And even more so multiplied by loads when, on another side, it describes - complete with rugby scrum engagement theme - "The Guinness Pouring Ritual." Classy.

So here goes.


Plant your feet squarely in front of your fridge and place your Guinness onto the shelf. Leave for a minimum of three hours to achieve the perfect serving temperature.


Lift the can and pour it into a clean Guinness glass at a 45 degree angle to ensure the perfect head.


Leave to settle, sit back and enjoy the match with your mates.

Got that?

Pure Genius (to coin a relevant phrase). I'm now off for a Touch.