Friday, 15 August 2008

The return of a great leader?

At a time when our country is crying out for a great leader to show the strength and courage to lead us out of the climate of increasing financial uncertainty we now face, my mind turns to Churchill.

Winston would've known what to do. He always did. He was brave, he was bold and he was daring.

During the Second World War, he even offered to fight Hitler on the beach if it would help.

And then I look at my son, whose head of once thick dark hair is gradually thinning out. And suddenly I see it.

Is Churchill amongst us once again? Has he returned to save us from our spiral of impending economic doom?

I think he has and his new name is Jamie.

Either that or I got bored when Vanessa was out swimming yesterday and thought it might be a laugh to see what Jamie looked like in a bow tie.

Whatever the truth, I think he's a dead ringer for the greatest Briton of all-time (just like almost every other recently born baby boy I've seen in my life, I grant you. But let me have my fun).

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