Sunday, 17 August 2008

Busy doing nothing

Other than having lunch out yesterday, Vanessa pushing Jamie around the locality and me going for a couple of runs, the Whites haven't exactly achieved much this weekend.

Indeed, mother and son are currently having a nap, as the above photo confirms. And why not.

I'm now half way into my two weeks off work and it's been great doing pretty much nothing other than fatherly chores, baby bonding and Olympics watching (I didn't take this particular fortnight off by accident, you understand).

But the pace is due to pick up in the week ahead with several family outings planned, guests coming to stay and even a fun baby sitter lined up so Vanessa and I can get some food on our own for the first time since Jamie moved in.

By the way, the picture on the right was taken during our lunch in North Yorkshire yesterday. It features little Luca Sutton who's two and already something of a character.

As his mum Nicole and dad Ian explained and the photo clearly illustrates, things don't necessarily get easier as your child gets older, "new challenges" simply present themselves.


  1. ....and dont forget you always have a babysitter here!!!! Rachel xxxxxxx

  2. Thanks Rachel - you're on!!