Sunday, 3 August 2008

Telling my side of the story

A tiring but productive day thus far.

Jamie was up just after 6am as usual and, following his feed, sprawled right across my bit of the bed - now becoming the usual too.

Normally he'll wriggle and writhe and not sleep much but, this morning, he sparked out within seconds. This caused a problem.

They say never go to sleep in the same bed as your baby so I don't. But I also didn't want to move him. The result? No more sleep for Daddy.

The bonus of this little turn of events was that it enabled me to make an early start on another little task.

As frequent readers of this rubbish will have gathered, I quite like to write. I also want to do a bit more of it in the time ahead.

I've therefore taken an opportunity to write a piece on - get this - "Fatherhood" for The Suburb, a monthly lifestyle magazine which goes out across West Yorkshire.

Thanks to the help and advice of my trusty assistant (pictured), the copy is now written and ready to go across to the editor.

I'll put a link to the magazine up on this site if and when the article appears later in August. Hopefully you'll like it.

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