Thursday, 28 August 2008

Nappy pains

I went to buy nappies at lunchtime and my head's still sore as a result.

The thing is, I've bought nappies before over the last few weeks and that's been easy.

"A packet of newborn nappies, please," was my stock line.

"Here you go, sir," was the common response. Dead easy.

But Jamie's too big for newborn nappies now which led to today's brain ache.

He was weighed again yesterday and tipped the scales at 12lb 10oz. This meant I had to get nappies for little baby people of his increased size (i.e. not newborn). Again, shouldn't be difficult.

However, what I didn't bargain for was the huge choice available - at least in Boots where I was standing, Advantage Card in hand.

We'd had Boots own brand nappies before and they seemed fine. I'd go for them, thought me.

But then I noticed that some types of Pampers and Huggies were on special offer. I'd heard of Pampers and Huggies, even seen adverts for them on the telly. Perhaps they'd be better. But would the prices be as good?

This was where my confusion really began to reign. For example, Pampers Baby Dry and Active Fit were on special offer but not Pampers Easy On Pants (whatever they were). Meanwhile, Huggies Natural Fit were on special offer too but not Huggies Superdry or Preemies (no idea there either).

And as for Boots own brand, Boots Superdry were on special offer but not Boots Active Fit or Boots Easy On Pants.

So, narrowing the choice down only to those on special offer, £13 for for two packs of Boots Superdry seemed good but then I remembered someone saying they were just for night-time use, immediately ruling them out.

£13.50 for two packs of Pampers Active Fit therefore looked like a safe bet so it had to be between them and the Huggies Natural Fit which were also on special offer (there was a sign and everything) although I couldn't, for the life of me, find the actual price. Surely they would be about the same price as the Pampers Active Fit. But which brand was better? How was I to know?

I got a pack of each down from the shelves. The deciding factor soon became clear.

Did Jamie want Pooh and Tigger on the front (of his Huggies) or the cast of Sesame Street (on his Pampers)? Well, I'd be the one looking at the character(s) in question as I changed him. Plus, Jamie wasn't with me and wouldn't be able to talk if he was, so it had to be my call.

I'd never been a fan of Pooh and Tigger as a boy. A bit like Blue Peter, I always thought they were for posh kids.

So Sesame Street it was - or "two packs of Size 3 Pampers Active Fit please," to be precise.

I paid my £13.50, claimed my Advantage points, grabbed the nappies and shuffled out, my head now really beginning to throb.

Thanks goodness I haven't been sent to buy him clothes. Yet.

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