Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Jamie Four Pictures

Vanessa and I took Jamie to be weighed earlier today and he's up to an even 12 pounds, so everyone's happy. Just for the fun of it, we also got the tape measure out and, from top to toe, he's now exactly two feet tall. (Should I buy him some basketball shoes now or should I wait?)

A side effect of his sheer largeness is he can fight back when needs be and this is not always desirable from a mummy and daddy point of view.

For example, whilst in Bradford on Friday afternoon, we took him to a photo booth in the station to get his passport picture taken.

Showing how naive the two of us can still be at this parenting game, we thought it would be a piece of cake. It wasn't.

The problem centred on the fact that the hands of the person holding the baby - mine in this case - cannot be in shot if the photo is to be deemed valid. But it's obviously very hard not to show your hands when the little gentleman you're holding clearly doesn't want to keep still never mind gurgle "cheese."

We paid our £4 for three goes but, each time, a rather self-satisfied message came up on screen to tell us we hadn't done it right. How polite, thought Mummy and Daddy (not really, we swore). Jamie didn't really have a view.

And then, after the third and final try, the machine simply printed out our first effort (presumably for posterity) and kept our cash. Great service, I'm sure you'll agree.

Thankfully, the story ends happily (other than the loss of our £4) for yesterday, as we drove into a retail park in Leeds, I spotted a specialist photo outlet. Leaving Vanessa in Next (where she's always happy) I took Jamie across to enquire if they by any chance offered a baby passport photo service. And, to my great delight, they did.

Two minutes later, I had Jamie pinned by the arms to a small white mattress on the shop floor while two young girls took it in turns to get his best side. You can judge how successful they were above.

All we have to do now is find someone "of standing" to verify his character by signing one of the pics.

Rather them than me.

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