Monday, 25 August 2008

Keep smiling through

John and Vicky have just left and, with Vanessa due off to the cinema in a couple of hours, Jamie and I are preparing for an afternoon of sport and returning Olympians on the telly.

Before that I've got an eight-mile training run lined up. Following my little mistake of registering for the Leeds Half Marathon as a girlie, the organisers have now very kindly swapped my pink number for a black and white man one so I'll definitely be on the start line on Sunday week. And I so almost got out of it.

Then it's back to work tomorrow and, after a fortnight off, it's always hard but this time will be especially difficult.

It's been great to spend so much time with Jamie (and Vanessa, of course). I've seen a lot of changes in him over the last two weeks including his new ability to smile.

But whilst it will undoubtedly be more than a little heart wrenching to walk out the door in the morning, it'll be exciting to think he'll be there waiting for me when I get back.

And, who knows, I might even get another smile.

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