Saturday, 23 August 2008

Jamie goes up in the world

Our son rose to a new level today when we allowed him to sit up in his pushchair for the first time. And it was all because of drink.

Uncle John's staying over this weekend and, at lunchtime, the two of us took Jamie to the supermarket to get provisions for a since aborted barbecue.

Amongst other essential items, we needed beer and, being a barbecue, it obviously had to come in bottle form.

The problem was, we were slightly weighed down and needed to use the undertray on Jamie's pram if we were to get them home safely.

Until this stage, the little man had lain flat in his vehicle but today drastic action was called for and the only answer was to sit him upright.

It worked a treat. Not only could he now see all that was before him, but his adoring public could see him better too. And we got the beer home. An altogether perfect situation for everyone involved.

As a result and despite the barbecue postponement, our night still holds real potential...

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