Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Feeling his pain

Jamie had his first set of jabs this morning and it's true what they say, it really does hurt the parents more than it hurts their child.

As a youngster, I obviously remember going for blood tests, getting teeth out, having my BCG shot. I dreaded them all. But I genuinely think I was more nervous about what lay ahead for Jamie a few hours ago than when the big needle awaited the little me.

As it turned out, the boy done well.

Sure, he cried sorely as each of the two needles (OW!) were inserted and the drugs administered. And he cried for a little while afterwards too. But then he stopped and we were proud of him.

Whilst Vanessa stayed behind for her own health check-up, I rushed Jamie home to begin the aftercare.

First up was a half-dose of Calpol which he's never had before but comes highly recommended by almost every parent we've met over the last eight weeks.

Then he had a bottle of Mummymilk which Vanessa produced earlier.

As he finished up, Vanessa arrived home and suggested we try him out in his cot which will soon be his new home having almost outgrown his Moses basket.

And, after a half-hour sleep in there (hopefully a positive sign), we hit him with his big treat - a brand new cot mobile which arrived yesterday.

I remember my own cot mobile with great affection and was very keen that Jamie had one as well.

I don't know if you're familiar with Zeddy and Parsnip (we weren't until these things became necessary) but they're a bunny and a donkey (or is it a horse?) who seem to love each other. I'm unsure as to the exact nature of their love, whether they're boys or girls, or even if they've had a civil ceremony - in fact, I don't even know which one is which - but we're hoping their happiness rubs off on our son.

His nursery already includes a Zeddy and Parsnip border and a lantern with the donkey/horsey one hanging from it. So his mobile features our heroes too.

And, although he only had about twenty minutes underneath before deciding he was hungry again, he seemed impressed.

I wonder what we can distract him with next time he comes back from seeing the nice nurse who's only doing her job? Are you sure babies aren't allowed ice cream?!

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