Monday, 18 August 2008

A new mode of transport

In one of the surest signs yet that life has changed for ever, the Whites had a family trip to the supermarket today and Daddy was quite excited about it.

The reason for my enthusiasm was that it provided me with my first chance to use one of those shopping trolleys with a seat for baby.

Although clearly not as good as being pushed around in one of them yourself, this has always seemed like fun and it didn't disappoint.

My new vehicle forced me to adhere more closely than usual to the trolley highway code, something I've never been strong on.

And I also had to drop my habit of leaving my trolley somewhere random before heading off in search of an unnecessary item and then trying to remember where I'd parked my wheels; I can cope with people nicking bread from my trolley but I'd have to draw the line at them nicking my son.

But it was all good entertainment and made the whole supermarket experience much less grim than usual.

Thankfully, Master W seemed to enjoy himself too. He had plenty to look at and plenty of people looking at him, which I think he's already starting to enjoy.

Maybe next time I'll treat him to a spot of trolley rallying (although only if Mum's not there).

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  1. What a wonderful start to a thoroughly miserable day Barry! Your blog never fails to entertain and amuse us. You really must save them all and publish them in book form at a later date!

    Malcolm, Dorothy & the clan.