Saturday, 2 August 2008

Getting Cold Feet

Given the arrival of Mini White and the prospect of Mummy and Daddy not being able to leave the house until their late forties at the earliest, I've got into the habit of buying DVD box sets to pass all this extra "quality time" we're going to be having.

One such purchase was Cold Feet: The Complete Collection which we've just started to watch.

I hadn't even met Vanessa when the pilot episode was premiered. Then, when the first series went on air, the two of us were only really getting to know each other.

I remember, at that time, thinking the characters were all so much older than us and doing things that were really rather grown up.

As well as the pilot, we've now watched the first two episodes where Pete and Jen have their baby. And instead of concentrating on the laughs, I've been finding myself subconsciously watching to see how often Baby Adam wakes up in the night, whether he's being bottle or breastfed and how bad his nappies are.

I've even started to look forward to future episodes simply to find out when he starts to smile, to walk and to talk rather than what funny one liners Coleraine's very own Jimmy Nesbitt - who plays "big" Adam - is about to fire off.

It's all very disturbing and I hope I snap out of it rather sharpish!

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