Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bitch fight, anyone?

Pictured above left with Jamie earlier this year is the wonderful Emma from his Little People Nursery.

Vanessa and I like Emma a lot, but Jamie likes her "a lot a lot."

A few months ago, he moved upstairs to "Tweenies" having previously been in "Toddler Two" and, hence, with Emma. And he missed her terribly.

He and we were therefore delighted a little while ago when Emma was transferred upstairs to join him.

As a result, he's been enjoying nursery more of late than ever before - and the reason why is plain.

That said, he still tends to have a mini-strop as I carry him up the road on a nursery day so I've taken to using Emma's name as bait to get him there. But when I did this earlier this morning, I got a bit of shock.

"Are you looking forward to seeing Emma?" I asked him as I teetered out the front door, weighed down by his three-stones-plus frame.

"Yes!" he replied. "I've got TWO mummies!"

I shared this remark with Vanessa as I trained it into work, and let's just say she's now planning a couple of extra "love shifts" this coming weekend.

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  1. Ahhhh! I cant believe you use me as a bribe lol well at least it works I do love lil jamie and his "lovely jumpers" I bribe him with rice crispies as you well no :) xx