Thursday, 28 October 2010

Grumpy skeleton

After last night's man-in-black in the form of the brilliant Kevin Bridges (you must go to see him if you get the chance), tonight we had a toddler-in-black in the form of our son.

They're having a Halloween party at Jamie's nursery tomorrow and all inmates have been invited to pitch up in fancy dress. But we only found out about this yesterday, leaving Vanessa and me little time to cobble something together.

So thank goodness for Asda.

At just £4.80 (reduced from £6, don't you know?) his skeleton-themed scary outfit initially won his favour, as the picture above confirms.

By then he had a closer examination...

...followed by an even closer examination...

...and, well, then he wasn't so keen.

But tough, it's either this or a bin liner. And we're clean out of bin liners.

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