Friday, 29 October 2010

That That - touts!

I can't really believe I'm about to admit this in public - but here goes.

Just a few minutes ago, I bought tickets to see That That play live in Manchester next summer.

I'm not sure at this point whether or not I'll actually be one of the four individuals going along to see the show, although it is very likely. Vanessa will certainly be there.

But the key point is this.

I've got four tickets that the touts or some other equally greedy b*stards haven't got and, for that fact alone, I'm feeling rather pleased.

(Plus, Take That were quite good when I saw them last year. As was Robbie, for that matter, a few years before that. Ahem).

UPDATE: Frankie Boyle writing in today's Sun: "Gary Barlow said the next Take That tour will have 'something for everyone.' Everyone apart from heterosexual men." Harsh.

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