Sunday, 24 October 2010

Meet The Kerrs

I don't have advertising on this site for two reasons:
  1. I only do this for a bit of fun, and
  2. Most of my friends who read it are incredibly tight and wouldn't buy anything anyway.

However, I'll kind of break my rule for one day only by inviting you to visit a brand, spanking new blog written by two good friends of mine.

Andy Kerr and I have essentially known each other since we were eggs; we went to Macosquin Primary School together, Coleraine Inst together and we've kept in touch in one way or another ever since.

Meanwhile, his wife Lydia has been my "blokey" mate since the mid-1980s when we used to walk past each other on The Old Bridge in Coleraine en route to our respective "big" schools.

Many years hence, Andy and Lydia "got together" (this is a family blog) whilst living in London. They're now happily married with a beautiful two-year-old daughter and a baby-boy-in-arms - and they've just moved to Melbourne.

Vanessa and I met up with them last month, as the countdown to their departure entered its final days, and they were clearly very excited. Quite right too.

Since then, they've arrived in Oz and started building their nest.

And, best of all, you can follow their progress via their blog, Kerrangaro News (do you see what they did there?) which is now live.

Go on, have a look.

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